Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition

Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition for Windows

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Fun VR-Based Puzzle Adventure Game

Those who have ever found themselves trapped in an elevator are well aware of the boredom that can ensue. Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition provides this unique experience with a puzzle-based twist.

Plot an Basic Features

Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition finds the player trapped in an elevator. However, the main difference is that he or she will be required to interact with puzzles in order to ascend from floor to floor. It is also possible to meet unique characters along the way; many of these providing worthwhile clues. While there is a definite point-and-click aspect to this game, the use of virtual reality provides an entertaining three-dimensional feel. In the event that a clue is required, it is possible for the player to "call" an operator via the elevator intercom.

Short and Stimulating

Please note that Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition will require approximately one hour to complete. It is therefore not a lengthy puzzle game. However, it can be the perfect option for anyone who has been looking for a mentally stimulating point-and-click VR adventure. This is a non-linear platform, so challenges can be solved in different orders.


  • A challenging point-and-click VR game.
  • There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of solving puzzles.


  • A significant amount of room will be required to play this game.
  • The graphics appear slightly obtuse and dated for a modern VR platform.


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Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition


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